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Creating Magic, Inspiring Smiles, Capturing Memories

Seeking Santa – Why We Offer More
"Nothing ever becomes real until it is experienced." - John Keats

Santa Claus remains one of the most uplifting and recognizable cultural icons in our society today. In uncertain times, who has a more emotional and effective platform to spread messages of hope, cheer and goodwill?

From their merry headquarters in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, The Noerr Programs was founded 25 years ago by Judy Noerr and Philip Byrne. Their desire to create a new paradigm for Santa and his guests evolved from Judy’s lifelong love for theater and the performing arts.

Creating holiday magic, inspiring smiles and capturing memories is the overarching mission of the enterprise, as they train and deploy naturally bearded gentlemen to embody the role of Santa at shopping and retail venues across the country. The ideal candidate must first pass lofty standards, according to CEO Judy Noerr. “We don’t measure their waists, we measure their hearts.”

In the off-season, planning and training to improve the Santa Experience begins anew. Before these gentlemen of great mirth and girth are sent into the field, many undergo intensive classroom training and role play during four days at Santa University at the Noerr Pole in Arvada, Colorado every July.

Hands-on, interactive training insures they have invested their heart, soul, and physical appearance into exemplifying the spirit and essence of Santa. They share heartfelt moments with each other, from giving undivided time and attention to those with special needs, to the frail, and others who have simply lost hope. And, these jolly souls learn the nuances of how to look the part, stay healthy, pose for a photo with the prized family pet, conduct an interview with a member of the press, and communicate using sign language and basic bilingual phrases.

Engaging Santa’s platform of generosity to help an underprivileged rural child or greet a child with special needs who would never experience the heartfelt tradition of Santa otherwise, illustrates how The Noerr Programs team is determined to impact and improve the communities it serves.

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