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Crisis Management – Tenant Comms and Engagement – Up to Date Contacts

Mallcomm is an award winning, global, shopping center and mixed-use technology designed to instantly connect people and places while delivering efficiency in operations, budget savings, enhanced security, and communications as well as marketing facilitation and tenant engagement.

Globally, the game-changing technology is used by 362 destinations in 22 countries and is actively used by more than 325,000 users including Mall of America, Westfield Shopping Centers, Oxford Properties, Brookfield Retail Properties, Savills, and many more.

As a modular multi-device platform, it is one of the most advanced and comprehensive technologies in the market, and the only one that engages B2B and B2C audiences in one platform for all real estate classes including, Retail, Office, Mixed-Use, Residential, and Airports.

Instant Trackable Communications
Tailored communication channels which allow communication to take place app to email, app to app, or CMS to app. This ensures your users can reach appropriate property teams any time, using one centralized channel.

Sales Collection/Reporting
Powerful data collection module primarily used for collecting footfall & turnover figures from tenants. Customized campaign functionality with multiple campaigns possible across various campaign groups. API integration ensures data ownership & flow as required by client.

Surveys & Feedback
Generate customer & tenant feedback which is essential in measuring & evaluating satisfaction and feeding into informed decision making. Various configurations make the module a key tool for gathering qualitative or quantitative feedback for a variety of purposes.

Job Vacancies
Organic content for your community. Users are able to upload vacancies directly onto the app, enabling the use of peer networks for staffing. Add authorization steps for full control.

Auditing & Inspections
Digital tracking for recurring audit tasks (Health & Safety, Fire safety, Restroom Checks, etc). Utilizes a variety of ‘tick’ options with the ability to add comments and images. Digital signature and exported PDF ensure the final outputs are compliant and remain paperless.

Maintenance & Cleaning
Preset, automated ticketing workflows for maintenance and cleaning with multiple configuration options for integration, notifications and processes.

Contact book style CRM system. Provides details on all stores and people within a property. Enables management teams to add notes to all users and third party contacts, directly in the app.

Offers & Discounts
Users are able to upload staff discounts directly onto the app enabling the community to take advantage of these offers. Enables your tenants to drive KPIs and ROI using the platform.

Access Management
Digital After-Hours access requests for the property. Various configuration options ensure multiple teams can be included in workflow of responsibilities to authorize requests.

Critical Communications, Security & Panic Button
With proven, effective critical comms at its core, this enhanced suite of modules enables instant emergency communications to all users through the platform.

News & Events
Unlimited messages and news items can be populated on the platform, with options to schedule and target items to specific user groups. Users and property teams can upload their own events directly into the app, driving community engagement and collaboration.

Document Library
Customized, unlimited document libraries to share important information with your tenants and stakeholders.

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