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Dr. Kersten Rosenau, founder, First Christmas by ROSENAU GmbH

This Is How You Beat E-commerce

“Our design team never gives up. Only when we are totally convinced that the new Christmas decorations are perfect for our customer, excites people, and will generate noticeably more sales, then we are satisfied.”

— Dr. Kersten Rosenau, founder, First Christmas by ROSENAU GmbH

It all started 20 years ago, and since then First Christmas has created more than 800 Christmas Worlds in more than 50 countries. Shopping centers, train stations, and airports as well as hotels, resorts, roads, and entire cities. Even the famous Westfield London, the GUM in Moscow, the Mall of Berlin, the Mall of the Emirates in Dubai, the Mall of Egypt in Cairo, and the Kingdom Center in Riyadh trust the Hamburg experts.

In the era of e-commerce, shopping centers, inner cities, and other commercial locations must become more emotional places than ever before. People want to be enchanted! And when is a better time to do this than at Christmas? When everyone is thinking about the Christmas of his or her childhood and youth, when the world was a better place. Almost everyone has preserved these memories and this longing. Those who offer truly wonderful Christmas decorations at this time of the year will attract the customers. And they will put their iPad aside and come to be enchanted and buy. How appropriate that this is also the trade’s most important time of the year.

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